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IT software services company in Hyderabad India.

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Radha Software Solutions IT software services company in Hyderabad India. provides a comprehensive range of services covering the entire software lifecycle including – consulting, development, implementation, maintenance, support and outsourcing services. We have developed stand alone software solutions as a one off engagement for clients, as well as delivered end-to- end turnkey solutions as a partner over many years. We take pride in our work and the quality of the service we deliver to our customers around the globe.

As a mature IT software services company in Hyderabad India. , Radha Software solutions approach each engagement with a “right first time” quality philosophy. We are fully committed to provide services and solutions to our customers exceeding agreed benchmarks. We build robust and reliable applications by creating an environment and framework, which foster continual improvement, tracked through our Quality Management System. We meet each challenge with the same vigour and will do whatever it takes to provide the best results for our client’s business applications.

Radha Software solutions IT software services company in Hyderabad India. brings a wealth of software project innovations, excellence and proven performance. Using industry best practices, methodologies, frameworks and tools, we build world class solutions to overcome software challenges, to achieve business goals whilst mitigating cost.

We have fully secure state of the art facilities that are operational 24/7, adding to productivity with extended working hours through different time zones. We house dedicated client teams as well as customer specific ODCs.

Our global delivery model allows clients to benefit from our offshore presence whilst maintaining face to face management onshore, a typical engagement consisting of an 80/20 offshore to onsite ratio.

IT software services company in Hyderabad India.

We offer flexibility in our engagements that are scalable to meet your operational, project and IT budget requirements and deliver a quality service with motivated and qualified talent.

Our domain experts, business analysts and architects work with business stakeholders to understand and capture the project requirements before formulating findings into a suitable design. We then deploy and deliver to agreed deadlines and focus on quality solutions and best results. Understanding your business, operations and infrastructure, allows us to offer optimal solutions that are consistent with your IT roadmap and strategies.

IT software services company in Hyderabad India.

Our Technology Partners

Application Development:

Custom built software applications has been the answer to many companies who find that off the shelf products are simply not suitable or too expensive for specific needs. By choosing to develop bespoke applications for business requirements or line of service; not only can a company tailor applications to meet desired or unique operational criteria but can significantly reduce cost whilst helping to improve performance and productivity.

IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Radha Software solutions have been providing world class bespoke application development services for more than two decades. Our pool of trained and certified professionals work with clients to understand their business goals, operational requirements, functionality, budgets and purpose build application solutions to meet the organisational needs.

IT software services company in Hyderabad India.

We partner with industry leaders Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP and Progress to offer an end-to-end solution aligned to your IT strategy roadmap and business goals.

We leverage our years of engineering experience to deliver robust solutions to our customers. We use a mix of development methodologies such as Agile, RUP, TDD, Iterative and Waterfall development that best fit the client engagement and deliver best return on investment. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, reliable and flexible applications that are easy to maintain and facilitate enhancements.

We have developed a range of custom applications for many industry sectors including: B2B & B2C Portals, Billing System, Record Management, Logistics Management, Pharmacy Administration, Payroll and Tax systems, HR Management, MIS, Accounting, Oil retailing, Pension Administration, Car and Hotel rental and custom ERP’s.

Our services and solutions are tailored to match your unique business need and IT requirements because we believe there in no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our clients, whether a large enterprise or small Independent Software Vendor (ISV), all benefit when they partner with us.

Our application development service includes:

End-to-End Custom Applications Development

Our custom applications development services comprises of complete software development lifecycle from business requirement analysis, plan, design, development, testing, deployment and warranty support of the application/product. Using industry best practices, methodologies, tools, collaborative techniques and our robust development processes, enablers we help our customers quickly & efficiently build, deploy and manage high quality applications / systems. IT software services company in Hyderabad India. We lay great emphasis on superior design, usability, portability and overall user experience so that our customers stay ahead of competition. Our custom applications development service offering consists of:

  • Process & Governance Assessment

  • Project Management and Execution

  • Reengineering

  •  Character, Client-Server GUI, and Web based development

  • Portal Development

  • Component-based Distributed Application development

  • Open, standards-based Interoperability and Integration

  • Improving application performance and scalability

  • Implementing multilingual capabilities


Application Platform Migration


We have provided migration services and done successful migration of application, database and business logic layer to the open and proprietary platforms like Java, DotNet, Oracle, ERP systems. IT software services company in Hyderabad India. We provide an end-to-end service ranging from feasibility and gap analysis to production rollout and operational handover. Our application platform migration offering consists of:

  •   Assessment of current application and new platform gap analysis

  •   Licensing and pricing recommendation

  •   Application analysis and change identification

  •   Execution and rollout planning

  •   Partitioning of business logic from existing application and specifications creation

  •   Design changes in business logic for reuse

  •   Development of UI design and backend processes

  •   Validation testing (Integration, regression, Performance, UAT)

  •   Rollout and production handover

Application Modernisation

Our application modernisation solution is designed to increase the shelf-life of your current applications leveraging the advancement in technology, at a fraction of the cost. We understand that your core systems are mission critical and have been running successfully over many years. You would like to take it to the next mile without attempting any significant changes to the current functionality or compromising performance. In the process of doing so you may not be willing to change or rewrite your existing system on new platform. With our proven expertise to modernize the applications for our clients we have added many more years of shelf life to several ISV products and end-user in- house custom applications. Our application modernisation offering consists of:

  •   UI development on Web

  •   SOA implementation

  •   Middleware implementation for enterprise level integration

  •   Cloud , SaaS, PaaS enablement

  •   UI development on Mobile (Andriod, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows)

  •   Integration of off-the-shelf Business Intelligence and data warehousing product with your existing

  •   Implementing 3rd party reporting and analytics solution with your existing applications

  •   Database Services (Oracle, SQL Server, Progress)

Application Support

Over the lifecycle span of software applications, nearly 70% of the cost goes into Application Support & Maintenance activities. Minimizing the total cost of maintenance and support has a direct impact on operational expenditure OPEX and business value. IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Radha Software solutions aims to maximize this business value through a slew of highly effective, focused and scalable maintenance and support services.

We understand that every client is unique and so are their requirements. Our proven methodology and global delivery model is well equipped to help enterprises maximize the output from their investments. Recognising the challenges associated with maintaining and managing applications, especially where core business processes are involved, IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Radha Software solutions combines critical business understanding with cutting edge technical skills to provide seamless and integrated application maintenance and support.

IT software services company in Hyderabad India.

Radha Software solutions has proven experience in delivering remote offsite / offshore support (8×5 or 24×7) to businesses around the globe using best industry processes. Our ITIL aligned and AMS certified processes offer flexibility to provide quality support to businesses of any size.

IT software services company in Hyderabad India.

We offer flexible engagement models to suit your business requirements and budgets. We seamlessly integrate with your support organisation to offer a great support service to your customers. Our fully documented processes, tools and transparent communications help us to exceed the defined service levels (KPI’s) within a short space of time whilst we deliver a great value using our global delivery capability.

Our portfolio of the application support services include

Maintenance of Existing Code:

When your applications have years of legacy code, it becomes a challenge to maintain the code. Nonetheless the code holds important business logic which is core to your operations/ business. Any disruption to the day-to-day business is not acceptable so code maintenance becomes a key task to make sure business does not get affected by any change. Our years of experience in maintaining the legacy code will free up your key IT staff for other activities of importance.

We will structure our support to provide your application/customer the maximum overlap and we can work as extension of your team where we will take calls from your customers, perform a quick analysis and carryout the call resolution which are smaller in nature. For bigger resolution we will get your approval and carry out the resolution based on priority. IT software services company in Hyderabad India.

If your source code is not maintained using some version control tool then manual environment based control will need lots of steps in place to prevent any loss of code. We will understand your configuration, adapt to the control protocol and implement the processes to ensure the seamless source code control.

Whether your application require quick succession of release or whether it’s structured to do release only one to two times in a year. We will understand your release requirement; prioritize the deliverables according to release cycle. We can manage your release by implementing a structured release plan to achieve minimum or no down time and accurate deployment of code.

Add-ins Development and Application Documentation:

To support your day-to-day business and to address your customers’ requirements, add-in or enhancement to existing applications functions are integral part of application support. We will work with you to detail out the design approach, get it estimated and work upon the add-in as per the priority.

One of the most common issues with old legacy application is lack of documentation. If you are planning to retire your application or if you are planning to modernize your application then the importance of documentation cannot be overlooked as induction of any new team member will need documentation. We can undertake the documentation of your applications, systems, architecture, business processes or even a specific module. We have structured documentation template to record application documentation.

Application Performance Enhancement:

A legacy codebase often has gone through numerous code changes, refactorings, and sometimes, hasty code additions with zero or insufficient documentation. This results in gradual performance deterioration and leads to cost

Day-to-Day operational Support:

Source code Control and Periodic release:

overheads incurred in maintenance. Also, over the years when data volume increases, some business logic which earlier used to perform as per expectations, becomes slow. We will analyse the specific portion of application, devise the performance enhancement solution, recommend multiple options, and work with you to achieve the desired results.

IT Consulting:

Businesses, today, are faced with one of the worst economic climates for decades. The need to stay on top of costs and maintain/ improve business services is fundamental to sustained success. The burden and pressure this creates for IT is unparalleled in recent years. Having the correct strategy, applications, technology and services partner is paramount to meet the demands of business if IT is to control budgets and maximise any investment.

IT software services company in Hyderabad India.  Radha Software solutions’s IT Consulting Services help our clients overcome these challenges and deliver integrated, end-to-end IT solutions and services to help your business move in the right direction.

Our IT consulting services includes:


Process Consulting:


IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Radha Software solutions has proven expertise in implementation of ITIL® processes to meet industry best practice for your organisation. ITIL® is a set of concepts and techniques for managing information technology (IT) infrastructure, development, and operations and gives a detailed description of a number of important IT practices with comprehensive checklists, tasks, and procedures that can be tailored to any IT organisation. With over 15,000 companies across the globe having adopted ITIL® for reducing IT service costs and providing key inputs for business growth, a recent study reported 97% of organisations deriving benefits from its implementation. The challenge now lies in identifying the right approach for ITIL® implementation and using it for continuous improvement in IT services for sustainable business growth.

IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Radha Software solutions’s Consulting Services’ helps IT organisations in identifying the right approach for ITIL®implementation and using it for continuous improvement in IT services for sustainable business growth. These services facilitate customers in delivering quality IT services by managing ‘information’, the key strategic resource for an organisation.


IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Radha Software solutions leverages the experience, expertise and knowledge gained through successful implementation of ITIL® v2, ITIL® v3, ISO 27001, CMMi, PMI and other industry recognized best practices for its customers, internally and externally. Radha Software solutions’s ‘ITIL Process consulting service offering consists of:

Rigorous Process Assessment and Gap analysis Development of Processes & their Validation Optimized Process Implementation

Effective Process Management & Maintenance Comprehensive ITIL® Competence Development

Architecture Consulting:


Enterprise Architecture plays an important role in facilitating organisation vision through governing and structuring the business-IT blueprint across the defined enterprises of an organisation, enabling seamless communication within its components. Enterprise Architecture adds value by accelerating strategic decision-making at the corporate level. It also facilitates implementation of strategic business decision-making at the operational level and helps improve speed-to-market at an effective cost. Our expertise and experience in enterprise architecture consulting can help your organisation to address common enterprise level challenges such as:

Common Enterprise platform between the business and IT community
Integrating multiple business functions within or across organisations
Consulting to execute enterprise programs such as Enterprise Architecture governance, Enterprise Data

governance, Master Data Management, Enterprise Content Management


Information Management:


Information Management (IM) has become essential for businesses to enable the seamless flow of information, enhance business agility and increase their competitive advantage. We design and deliver best-in-class custom Information Management solutions to help you manage and integrate data across your organisation, making it ubiquitously available, accurate, complete and secure. Our Information management service consists of:

  • Data migration

  • Data governance

  • Data quality and metadata management Master Data Management (MDM)

  • Customer Data Integration (CDI)

  • Product Information Management (PIM) Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Data warehousing and predictive analytics


In today’s competitive environment, businesses and organisations have become increasingly reliant on employing the latest technologies to increase organisational efficiency, productivity, elimination of Data Island and creating an integrated system for organisation.

Our years of expertise in proving technology consulting to our client to help them in making decision on implementing right kind of software solutions into the business or organisation in order to streamline their processes by increasing efficiency and cutting costs. Our technology consulting services have benefited clients in most industry, including those considered “low-tech”.

Application Portfolio Rationalization:

IT software services company in Hyderabad India.

To address varying degree of business challenges, organisations decide to develop a custom application or implement an off-the-shelf product to suit their needs. As time evolves, organisations continue to add more applications / systems to keep pace with their growth and competitive pressures. This results in redundancy of applications and multiplicity of data which eventually exert strain on organisation’s IT budget and complexity of IT systems.

Our Application Portfolio Rationalisation (APR) service helps you to have a transparent view of your systems, streamline your IT budget and get the maximum out of your existing applications. Our APR services assist you to:

Identify and evaluate the partially and wholly redundant applications
Quantify the condition of applications in terms of stability, quality, and maintainability
Quantify the business value / impact of applications and the relative importance of each application to the

business Recommend resource allocation according to the applications’ condition and importance in the context of

business priorities
Create and simplify the Application portfolio

Application Gap analysis and decision facilitation:

When organisations decide to address a business requirement there is always a consideration between extending the existing applications to address the requirement or buy an off-the-shelf product to achieve the functionality. We will help you to reach the decision by doing a detail gap analysis between your business requirement and the current applications and recommend the best option aligned to your IT strategy. Our Application Gap analysis and decision facilitation services Includes:

Comprehensive Gap analysis
Application extension roadmap for existing application

Technology Consulting:

Quantify the cost between ‘make new and extend’
Quantify the business value between ‘extend and enhance’ Expert decision facilitation on ‘extend or make new’ application

Mobility Services

Mobile Capabilities

Services Offered


Mobility – Application Architecture & Consulting
Native application development on iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry
Common device application development in HTML5
Application development with SAP development tool set
Integration with enterprise applications, e.g. SAP, Salesforce, Mfg/Pro etc. Integration with application development in technologies, such as .NET, Java, Oracle Web services creation
Human Interface Guidelines application

Team well-versed with Human Interface Guidelines for each platform to offer the best in class applications for each handset


Storyboard creation >> Wireframes >> Graphics >> Development >> Release


Radha Software solutions MEC Solution


A wide ranging bouquet of mobility solutions for SAP

Mobile Application Development

IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Radha Software solutions has expertise in SmartPhone Application Development, iPhone Game Development and Custom Mobile Application Development. We design, develop & deploy successful applications for multiple platforms like iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia & Android. Our mobile applications evangelists help convert an idea into a real application.

We help define the features & navigation to best suit the business, target audience of the application as well as the target device.

Progress Services

IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Radha Software solutions is one of the industry’s leading providers of Progress Software services with more than two decades of experience, providing application development and support to customers globally. Our association with Progress Software Corp. (PSC) started in 1988 and continues to flourish today.

Radha Software solutions’s Progress practice comprises of over 150 trained consultants which makes us one of the largest Progress specialists in the world in ‘Core’ Progress OpenEdge development skills.

We have a proven track record in providing services on platforms including Linux, Unix, AIX and MS Windows across all Progress versions starting from V5 as well as Character, GUI, Web based and Mobility solutions. IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Our mature Progress practice has robust and time tested methodology, solution delivery framework and capabilities that ensure the best solution for our clients. We partner with industry’s leading technology providers such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and IBM to ensure that all your enterprise integration requirements are well serviced under one roof.

IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Having delivered solutions in Progress technology to ISV’s, SME’s and many large enterprises across the globe over many years, we have earned an industry reputation as a reliable Progress Software services partner of choice. We have extensive experience in leading Progress based solution such as QAD, Infor Syteline, NxTrend, Epicor, MXP, FACTS, Dispatch-1, OpenAccounts, k-PAYE, Geneva, iCON, IRMS, SAGE.


Our portfolio of Progress service offering includes:

Legacy Modernization Services

As we move on from internet era and into the social, mobility and cloud age organizations face a unique challenge of keeping pace with changing technology and providing the best of experiences to all stakeholders. One of the major concerns in this area is existing Legacy systems that play an important role in delivering business services.

IT software services company in Hyderabad India.

Our application modernization solution is designed to increase shelf-life of your current applications leveraging advancements in technology at minimal cost. IT software services company in Hyderabad India. We understand that core systems running successfully over many years are mission critical and organizations would want to modernize them without attempting significant changes to current functionality. In process of doing so, businesses may not be willing to completely re-write the existing system on new platform. With our proven expertise to modernize the applications for our clients, we have added many more years of shelf life to several ISV products and end-user in-house custom applications.

We are industry leaders in Legacy Progress based technologies and have proven expertise in migrating complex Progress applications ranging from ERP systems, CRM systems and other business and enterprise applications to newer web based distributed applications platforms using today’s popular technology frameworks based upon .Net, Java, HTML5 and others.

IT software services company in Hyderabad India. We realize that cloud computing presents valuable opportunities for businesses today. Radha Software solutions considers cloud as one of the key platforms for modernizing and have integrated offerings for cloud migration along with up gradation and reengineering options.

Our key service offerings in the Legacy Modernization and Cloud area are as depicted below:

Platform & Version Upgrade Services

IT software services company in Hyderabad India. With our proven expertise in all versions of Progress (Version 6.x to OpenEdge 11), we can seamlessly upgrade your applications from / to any version of Progress. While upgrading to a newer version, we assist in maintenance of the existing versions of the application as well as making the application available on other databases such as Oracle and SQL-Server.

Our version upgrade service includes:

  •   Software version upgrade

  •   Platform OS migration

  •   Database Migration

  •   Risk assessment of existing version

  •   Licensing and pricing recommendation

  •   Application analysis and change identification

  •   Estimation and change plan

  •   Test and Parallel run

  •   Promote to production and Warranty

Technology Migration Services

Our Technology Migration Services cover modernization of Legacy Systems to adopt newer widely accepted technology solutions. Whilst responding to ongoing business challenges, mergers & acquisitions, competitive pressures, new IT strategy and scalability issues we have successfully migrated many Progress based applications to the Open source / Proprietary platforms like Java/J2EE, Microsoft .Net, Oracle and SAP. Our technology migration services cover-

  •   Migration to newer technology stack such as .Net, Java, and JavaScript based technologies (NodeJS, AngularJS, MeteorJS, ExcessJS)

  •   Creation of new HTML 5 based web / mobile based UI front end and integration with existing Progress business logic enabling reuse of years of investment in legacy business logic

COTS product selection based upon analysis of existing system. Configuration and customization of COTS product as per business requirement

To – Be application gap analysis Validation testing
Execution and roll out planning Roll out and production handover

Cloud Migration Services

Moving to Cloud is a key factor in today’s competitive and cost oriented IT paradigm and must be a decision criteria for any holistic legacy modernization initiative. Our expertise and special focus on cloud migration provides you an opportunity to consider options available for porting and developing applications on to various cloud platforms. Our Service Offerings on cloud include :

Performing Cloud Fit Analysis of Legacy Progress Applications

Deploying Progress based legacy applications on Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, Progress Pacific Arcade Paas platforms

Re-Engineering Progress Legacy applications on Progress Rollbase or aPaas solutions Cloud Porting with Version and Platform upgrade
Performance Tuning
Validation and Testing

Data Migration
Cloud and On Premises Application Integration

For custom applications development we provide complete lifecycle services ranging from business requirement analysis, plan, design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance. Using robust development process, methodologies, extensive knowledge of Progress Frameworks (UAA and OERA) and industry experience, we enable businesses to quickly & efficiently build, deploy and manage enterprise level applications/products. Our Progress Application/Product Development service offering includes:

Process & Governance Assessment Technical Architecture Consulting Project Management and Execution Reengineering

Character, Client-Server GUI, ADM and Web based development Component-based Distributed Application development
Open, standards-based Interoperability and Integration Improving application performance and scalability

Implementing multilingual capabilities

Application/Product Development

Application Maintenance and Support

Our application maintenance and support services are geared to address the changing business environment, challenges, issues in day-to-day operations, usage and service requests. We are committed to provide hassle free maintenance of your applications whilst constantly improving the quality of the software. Whether it is ad-hoc support or 24×7 SLA based support, our engagements are flexible and designed to meet the requirements of any-size of organisation.


IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Radha Software solutions continues to support many older versions of Progress such as V6, V7, V8, V9 and Dynamics. Our Progress Application Maintenance and Support Includes:

Handling of SR’s based on SLA’s Application enhancement
Bug fixes

Technical support to end user


We have extensive experience in offering support using ITIL processes. Radha Software solutions Application Managed Service (AMS) is an ITIL based SLA driven Application Support Services which is certified by SAP. We facilitate our client’s maximum business value and minimizing their total cost of maintenance and support.


Business Intelligence solutions

Availability of right business data at the right time is critical to business success and a key value add of any IT system. Since Progress donot have any native Business Intelligence solutions we have addressed this challenge by developing in-house frameworks and enablers. Over many years, we have successfully implemented and plugged in the 3rd party BI solutions using Radha Software solutions Data replication framework and Solutions Accelerators (BI solution hooked to replication data). We have implemented real-time or batch mode data replication which gives a detail statistical view of any dropped record, failure, real time information via email or any mobile/handheld device.

Our Business Intelligence solutions involve:

Data replication architecture design (one or multiple sources of data) Replication service implementation and validation
3rd party BI tool hookup
Accelerators in SSBI, Pentaho Opensource and Oracle BI

Solution development (Reporting, analytics, Data/Decision Cubes etc)

Database Administration Services

Our remote Progress database administration services consist of installation, upgrade, database recovery, support, database reconfiguration and reorganisations for performance improvements, refreshing test databases, new database set-up and configuration. Our services also include set up after imaging for database recovery, Progress disk architecture and load balancing , high level database analysis and performance tuning, creation and maintenance of development databases, test and failover databases , set up Backup & Recovery process, suggestions to improve database system reliability, documentation of various activities/procedures . Radha Software solutions undertakes complete database administration, Progress database schema modifications, Database design reviews, ensuring

SOX audit adherence, Assist in troubleshooting and resolving application locking and performance issues. Features of standard services are:

  •   24 x 7 x 365 monitoring of the complete database environment for serious errors and alerts

  •   Ensure high availability for production databases

  •   Continuous monitoring of database/system activities for performance improvements

  •   Monitor system resource utilization and maintain database growth

  •   Verify database backups

  •   Basic performance tuning which can be done within an hour

  •   Incident Response Time (1 Hour response to any database emergency)

  •   Immediate resource assignment for fixing emergency database issues

  •   Same Day response to any database non- emergency

  •   Monthly Reporting

Progress Corticon:

Progress Corticon® help organizations make better, faster decisions by managing the rules that drive their business. Progress Corticon® Business Rules Management Software ensures the consistent, efficient, reliable, and (where possible) automated execution of a company’s strategies and policies. This enhances the quality and productivity across key business processes, resulting in transformational improvements in business performance.

The market-leading platform for automating and executing business rules, Progress Corticon is used by more than 450 customers worldwide. Customers in various industries such as financial services, government, insurance and more have realized significant bottom- and top-line results using Progress Corticon to codify, program and deploy business rules. They see improvements in decision automation, decision change processes, and decision-related insights. Learn more.


IT software services company in Hyderabad India.

Radha Software Solutions Partner for the Progress Software Corporation to implement Progress products for large enterprises.

IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Radha Software solutions provides Progress application development, maintenance, modernization, analytics and database administration services to its global Progress customers. Radha Software solutions’s Progress center of excellence comprises of consultants having core competencies in implementation of Progress products including Corticon, Data Direct, OpenEdge, Pacific and other legacy versions of Progress.

If you want to know how Progress Corticon can benefit in managing your business rules, write to us at


IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Radha Software solutions has been at the forefront of providing training in industry’s leading platforms including Progress to corporate users as well as ISV’s. We use authorised training material from Progress Software to offer structured courseware along with workshops and case studies to raise the quality of your Progress skilled staff. Our training will bring your professional to head start in Progress based development and support which allows you to create your in house resource pool. Our training services includes:

  •   Customised curriculum design based on the requirement and profile of people getting trained

  •   Training material and handouts

  •   Workshop and case study

  •   Hands-on sessions for project

  •   Setting-up practice environment and learning objective post training

  •   Professional trainer with industry experience

  •   Wide array of training services like OpenEdge, ADM, GUI, ChUI, Webspeed, 4GL etc.

We pride ourselves in training some of the large industrial houses and established IT players in the Indian sub- continent like Wipro, Cognizant, Tata Consultancy Services, HCL Technologies, Atos Origin, Tata Infotech, L&T infotech, Pantaloon, Daewoo, BSES, Bluechip and Godrej.

Portal Services

Portals are organisation’s window to the external world. It allows prospects and customers to view your organisation and your offerings and plays a crucial role in the early stage decisions of who they will talk to and potentially do business with. The look and feel of your portal, its ease of use and functionality is therefore vitally important to any dot-com business. Whilst most sectors in the global economy are struggling the online sector is experiencing massive growth and most businesses are realising that this is a key business enabler and a priority for investment.
A portal offers a single point of access to enterprise applications, information repositories, databases and services both inside and outside your organisation – all integrated into a single user experience. It provides you the tools to manage this knowledge, to analyze and interrelate it, and to share and collaborate on the basis of it. With its role- based content, and personalization features, the portal enables users – from employees and customers to partners and suppliers – to focus exclusively on data relevant to daily decision-making processes.

So for these and many other reasons it is critical to have a website that reflects your business in the best possible way to act as a tool for business generation. To achieve the optimum results and return on investment finding a partner that knows how to design, develop, test and maintain your Portal is the key to unlocking untold potential.

IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Radha Software solutions has over 15 years experience in designing, developing and maintaining portal, content and collaboration solutions for clients worldwide, including Unilever, Indiabulls, The, Autoquake, Holiday Hotels etc . We have assisted many of our customers in conceptualisation, design, development and successful implementation of various portals for better information exchange within their organization (like employee self-service portal, Management Information Systems portal) as well as their suppliers and partners. We have also worked with several dotcoms and businesses who wish to utilize the online medium to sell their goods and services as well as use this medium to retain their customers and offer a great customer experience.

We help you define your requirements based on your overall goals and business strategy and use our technology and process consulting expertise to offer superior design. We leverage our partnerships with industry leaders Microsoft, Oracle and IBM to offer a right technology solution to your requirements. Our expert consultants extensively use Radha Software solutions enablers and frameworks (for eg, user login, security, menus) which combined with Agile working expedite the overall development and help you respond to your customer requirements as well as competitive pressures.

Our Portal, Content and Collaboration Service offers:

  •   Strategy & Architecture Definition

  •   Portal Consulting & Design

  •   Portal Development

  •   QA & Testing of Portals

  •   Content Management

  •   End to end implementation

  •   Portal upgrades and migration

  •   Maintenance & Support

  •   Enterprise Portal Integration

Staff Augmentation


IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Radha Software solutions’s Staff Augmentation services offer trained, certified and experienced software professionals at a highly competitive rate. We work as an extension of your IT team either onsite at your location, or off-site at one of our delivery centres under your supervision or managed by Radha Software solutions.
We have assisted many clients across the globe from Xerox, Unilever, Ford, Boots and Specsavers to SME’s and ISVs and have built an enviable reputation and relationships spanning many years.

We understand that success of any staff augmentation service is based on providing well trained individuals with the right skills at the right time to suit your IT demands. We take a collaborative approach to plan your skill requirements

for the duration of your project and ensure proper on-boarding of individuals or team. Based on your resource forecast and project requirements our flexible approach allows
you to ramp up or ramp down the resources or change the domain skill set at any point of time. So whether you need an individual or team of dedicated additional resource Radha Software solutions can help.
We combine our global delivery capability with flexible engagement models to offer a custom solution to suit each client’s project requirements and budget. We allow our clients to change the delivery structure to capitalise from our offshore presence and also transition to a fixed or output based model to meet client’s business demands.

We ensure client satisfaction by providing motivated, certified and skilled resources and deliver a high quality service. We create an open dialogue with clients and have regular feedback sessions to monitor each engagement. These sessions allow Radha Software solutions to track staff productivity, performance, adaptability, attrition and take corrective / preventive actions to de-risk any issues during the client’s project. If any resource does not meet the client’s requirements we assure staff replacement at no extra cost.

As a true IT services, we also bring a wealth of experience in software applications development, processes, methodologies, best practice, domain and technical expertise to each engagement which increases performance and is a great value addition to clients.


IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Radha Software solutions has a pool of certified consultants across leading technologies such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, Progress and other packaged industry solutions. We offer our customers a broad range of skills at various experience levels including:

Web developers, Software Engineers, testers, UI designers
Business Analysts, Project managers, Solution Architects, Technical leads, Integration experts Help desk staff, support analysts, delivery managers, DBA’s
Functional/technical experts in SAP, QAD and Oracle across industry domains, Pentaho, Epiphany, Business Objects
Mobility domain developers

Benefits from Radha Software solutions’s IT Staff Augmentation services:

Certified and experienced personnel

Flexibility to switch the domain skill set in line with clients IT software services needs Scalability to ramp up or down to meet clients project needs

  •   Support of a fully developed knowledge base and infrastructure

  •   Advantage of skilled dedicated manpower at a very competitive price

  •   Flexible engagement models to suit clients changing business situation

  •   Client or Radha Software solutions Managed option

  •   Best engineering practices of ITIL, PMP, Prince2, Agile & TDD

  •   Continuous training programs and up-to-date on leading technologies

Testing With the ever-increasing reliance of business-sensitive activities on IT systems, quality of software has become one of the most important goals of IT departments. In order to effectively address the challenges involved in quality management and testing, Radha Software solutions offers an exhaustive array of services in the arena of testing. Our testing services have evolved in order to help you achieve your software quality objectives in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

IT software services company in Hyderabad India. Backed up with two decades of rich software development experience, our independent testing services employ sharp technical resources, industry-recognized tools and utilities, adequate infrastructure assets, and proven quality processes. Our CMMi and ISO-compliant testing processes have been matured to ensure delivery of repeatable and measurable results with each of our engagements. At Radha Software solutions, we have developed expertise in testing services across various business verticals.

Our portfolio of independent testing services includes:

Software Testing:

National Institute of Standards & Technology, US Department of Commerce study has revealed that over two-thirds of financial organisations experience major software errors. This is mainly due to ‘inadequate testing’, which results in high repair costs as also imputed costs of loss of revenue, customers, market share and reputation. However, execution of comprehensive software testing internally is a daunting task for most organisations owing to the lack of business users’ time and insufficient testing expertise. Our Software testing services comprises of various types of testing required for ensuring the maximum test coverage, such as:

  •   Functional Testing

  •   System Integrated Testing

  •   User Acceptance Testing

  •   Interface Testing

  •   Test Automation

  •   BPT Testing

  •   Performance Testing

  •   Operation Readiness Testing

  •   Accessibility Testing

  •   Usability Testing

DW/BI Testing
Application Security Testing SOA & Middleware Testing Compatibility Testing Configuration Testing
Risk Based Testing
Mobility Testing

Test Automation:

For many software applications, testing is often seen as one of the painstaking areas since it often involves a lot of manual work performing tests, possibilities of human errors, inability of simulation of real-time usage scenarios of the application, unavailability of boundary-conditions in terms of data loads etc. To address such issues associated with manual testing, Radha Software solutions helps our customers make a strategic test plan ensuring an optimum degree of test automation. Automated testing relies of methods of writing and executing test scripts within the test automation frameworks that require minimal human interaction despite meeting all of the defined objectives.

Test Consultancy:

Several organisations have begun to realize importance of testing but struggle to devise and implement the most suitable testing strategies and setup. Radha Software solutions has successfully helped several clients with its test consultancy services. Radha Software solutions’s test consultancy services have been designed to align with the existing software engineering processes and the business strategies of our customers. Utilizing the expertise of our experienced test consultants in following proven test methodologies and using the industry-leading tools, we offer the following test consultancy services:

Test Process Establishment and Refinement Test Strategy Consulting
Test CoE Setup and Proliferation

Dedicated Test Labs:

Radha Software solutions specialize in providing QA and testing services in an Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) delivery model that focuses on quality and alignment to our clients’ needs. We ensure objectivity and neutrality on client engagements where IV&V is critical. Dedicated Test Labs are set up for product companies, large ISVs and large applications, for long term assignments. Seamlessly integrated into client facilities or operating from offshore locations, our test labs have several highly skilled professionals that are ready to respond to the burst requirements at short notices.

Radha Software solutions offers clients’ low-risk, high-quality and cost-effective dedicated test facilities, which can be set up using the following modes:

Outsourced Test Center
Extended Test Center
Built, Operate & Transfer Test Centers

TIPA ITSM Process Assessment

Tudor IT Process Assessment (TIPA) developed by CRP Henri Tudor is an internationally recognised framework for IT process assessment. It combines the ISO/IEC 15504 standards with IT Service Management best practices of ITIL to check the actual adoption of ITSM processes and measure the maturity level of these processes in an organisation. ITIL has become a basic necessity for any organisation that handles any type of information and relies on IT systems for any of its operations. By itself, ITIL is a set of guidelines and IT process framework. It needs to be reinforced by a formal assessment framework in order to benchmark and control the achievement.

Radha Software solutions is a partner with CRP Henri Tudor, a public research institute based out of Luxembourg through ITpreneurs for TIPA services and has a strong and well experienced team of lead assessors. We are working with some of the leading global businesses to help them get the most out of their IT investment.

How TIPA Works

Key Features of TIPA

Tudor IT Process Assessment (TIPA) is an open, objective, structured and repeatable framework for process assessment. There are many factors that make TIPA so effective:

  •   Compliant with the ISO/IEC 15504 standard

  •   Empirically proven process assessment method

  •   TIPA is maintained by TUDOR (Created by same Team who developed and reviewed ISO 15504 and ISO

  •   Better aligned Business needs and create better ITSM roadmap and ensuring greater ROI in ITSM projects

  •   100% Aligned with ITIL

  •   Enables assessment of the maturity of each individual process

  •   Enables comparison between assessment results

  •   Based on clear and standard descriptions of the processes to be assessed

  •   Provides a clear way of presenting the assessment results
    TIPA Process Maturity Levels

How do you benefit from TIPA


We believe that using Tudor IT Process Assessment (TIPA), we can:

Determine the maturity level of your IT processes
Identify your strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement
Recommend roadmap of what your organization can do to quickly optimize processes and improve IT

Enable process improvement through goal-setting and objective measurement; leading to improvement of

ROI on ITSM projects
Monitor the progress and demonstrate the merits of improvement actions
A scorecard of how mature IT management processes are according to ITIL ROI Improvements Recommendations

TIPA has helped many organisations

TIPA is useful for a wide range of organisations, irrespective of their business model and industry. Some of the organisations that have realised and harnessed the potential of TIPA include Financial Services organisations, IT Solutions firms and IT Equipment and Services Companies.

Stock Exchange in South East Asia:

A major stock exchange in the South East Asian region working towards their goal of providing better customer service decided to adopt TIPA. They held the ISO 20000-1:2005ISO 20000-1:2005 certification. A total of 13 processes (common to both ISO 20000-1:2011 and ITIL version 2011) were assessed and reported for maturity.

South Africa based specialist IT services and solution provider:

The organisation selected 5 processes for their direct contribution to their strategic goals – change management, configuration management, incident management, problem management, and service management. In TIPA, they found a tool that helped them understand the process capabilities of their regional centres and gave them useful recommendations to improve them as well.

Radha Software solutions