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For companies looking to use the most cutting-edge CPQ solution in the world to streamline their omnichannel offerings. Through its platform-neutral, cloud-based infrastructure, FPX CPQ improves the user and customer experiences across all of your company's channels.

Things We Do

Knowledgeable specialists 

The intricacy and expertise required for Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Solutions by FPX are understood by Radha Software Solutions. Because of this, we invest a lot of resources in learning more about our customers' needs and FPX CPQ solutions. 


FPX CPQ Solutions Beyond 

We have a wealth of experience in IoT, mobile, eCommerce, CMS, and contemporary front-end/backend technologies in addition to FPX CPQ. We will work to discover the best solutions for you using our domain knowledge. 


Wide-ranging Experience 

Since our establishment in 2000, Radha Software Solutions has grown into a genuinely international business with more than 800 staff members serving more than 50 enterprise clients. We are able to consistently provide what our customers require because to our commitment to excellence, diligence, and highly efficient project flows.

Sustainable Team Development 

Our strategic alliances with nearby institutions of higher learning and nonprofits support the development of both new and seasoned developers. Our effort to developing fresh talent demonstrates our dedication to a solid, stable, and scalable future. 


Radha Software Solutions prides itself on having an extremely high rate of customer retention. Some of the first clients we have had have been using Radha Software Solutions for over 13 years. Building trusting relationships with each and every one of our customers is what we prioritise. 


International Teams: Leveraging Value 

Since 2000 Radha Software Solutions has been doing business in the US. The US office oversees our remote employees located around Europe while managing local FPX CPQ projects. This worldwide adaptability produces an unmatched communication workflow.

Things We 

Greenfield Implementation of FPX CPQ 

Every business has unique requirements, particularly when it comes to FPX CPQ. Any project can be guided by our seasoned, highly skilled team of FPX professionals from conception to completion and optimization. 


Project Evaluation & QA 

We can offer a professional assessment of certain technical and project risks at any stage of your FPX CPQ project. This unparalleled method of project evaluation and quality assurance enables your company to establish clear expectations (and allows us to develop the perfect solution for your needs). 


Functional Refactoring and Improvement 

Looking to improve the way your current FPX CPQ system is set up? Innovative new features and functionality can be added to your existing platform with the help of Radha Software Solutions, which also focuses on speed and performance improvement.

Launch Projects 

Along with our main US office, which is situated in the Boston metro area, Radha Software Solutions has other offices spread out across Europe. By enabling operations extension from a single site to a fully global scale, Radha Software Solutions makes this possible. 


Complete Solutions 

We can implement and integrate complete solutions covered by CPQ, eCommerce, CMS, and ERP solutions thanks to our cross-platform knowledge. SaM Solution still collaborates with important suppliers in a variety of fields, such as SAP, Adobe, Microsoft, FPX, Sitecore, and Oracle. 


IoT integrations 

You must link online and offline experiences. By establishing a cross-technology lab that combines our knowledge in IoT and embedded software, eCommerce, mobile, and CMS, Radha Software Solutions makes it simple to implement some of the most innovative solutions available.

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