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IoT Development Services

Radha Software Solutions US is aware of the intricate infrastructure required to connect virtually any kind of physical good via the Internet. Any IoT-connected machine or gadget, from a smart factory or home to a whole smart city, may enhance how we work and live.

Things We Do

Cloud-Based Platforms for IoT 

A cloud-based platform that enables extensive data collecting and processing is one of the key elements of IoT. The actions and signals sent to IoT devices can then be carried out using this data. Radha Software Solutions sUS, a market leader in IoT development services, has the expertise needed to create unique IoT/cloud-based platforms. 


Using the Edge 

IoT device data may now be processed locally without connecting to the Internet thanks to edge computing. The team of IoT specialists at SaM Solutions has years of collective experience in streamlining design and deployment procedures to offer top-notch IoT development services. 


Applications for Human-Machine Interfaces and End-Users 

Custom P2M interfaces, control displays, touch panels, interactive user interfaces, and real-time data collection are all things that Radha Software Solutions can assist with building.

Machine Learning and AI 

IoT solutions must include both machine learning and AI as both technologies enable intelligent system behaviour. In order to comprehend best practises, our professionals collaborate with industry titans like Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure), as well as work with open source and custom solutions. 


Middleware for IoT 

One of the trickiest aspects of the Internet of Things is connecting all the devices and sensors. anything from building infrastructure libraries, web servers, and services to interacting with external systems and devices. All of it can be done by our IoT development services team. 


For smart device firmware 

Our primary areas of IoT expertise have been developing firmware for IoT devices, kernel porting, and the creation/adjustment of modules and drivers for peripheral hardware components for many years.

Things We 

Ingenious Home Design 

Make unique solutions that can automate any building to improve security, comfort, lower carbon footprint, use less energy, and lower costs. Smart lighting, security, climate control, and access automation are a few examples. 


Industrie 4.0 

Key data points within the industrial sector can now be accessed primarily through industrial IoT (IIoT). Create unique solutions to collect important data from various sources, including inventory, production equipment, sensors at sites, and more. 


Connected Equipment 

Almost any device can be connected to a cloud or edge computing platform. The IoT development services provided by SaM Solutions make use of tested development frameworks on processor chips, sensors, and actuators. be able to set up a complete IoT network.

Information exchange, enjoyment, and comfort are all improved with in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) software solutions, which also promote safe driving. 


Security via Biometrics 

Security and effectiveness of biometric identification technology have improved. The developers at Radha Software Solutions use their knowledge to produce cutting-edge mobile biometric systems, sensors, fingerprint scanners, facial recognition systems, and more. 


Retail and IoT 

Our IoT development services division offers your retail organisation limitless potential to boost supply chain efficiency, create brand-new services, and enhance customer experiences across all channels, from physical stores to eCommerce.

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