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Firmware and Software | Embedded Development Services

Our Expertise in firmware programming and development makes it easy for our teams to streamline your projects. We have 23+ years of experience in developing both firmware and software solutions for embedded systems.

Things We Do

Specialists Embedded 

Strong teams of seasoned individuals with decades of cumulative real-world expertise in firmware and embedded software development make up SaM Solutions' embedded development section. 


Firmware Solutions and Beyond 

Along with having years of experience working with firmware, we also have a strong background in IoT, mobile, enterprise CMS platforms, and contemporary front-end/backend technologies. Radha Software Solutions offers the expertise, resources, and capacity to produce highly specialised 


Options for Your Company. 

Since its founding in 2000, Radha Software Solutions has expanded to over 800 workers worldwide, serving both mid-sized businesses and enterprise organisations. Radha Software Solutions is Your Embedded Development Partner. In addition to our US headquarters in the greater Boston metro area, we have facilities around Europe.

Sustainability and Expansion 

For the purpose of fostering both aspiring and seasoned developers, we have formed strategic alliances with nearby colleges and organisations. Our commitment to developing fresh and rising talent demonstrates our dedication to a bright future. 


Your Reliable Partner for Embedded Development

Radha Software Solutions, Your Trusted Embedded Development Partner, Takes Pride in Our High Customer Retention Rate. Some of the US clients of Radha Software Solutions have been with them for over 13 years. We adore establishing solid, enduring relationships with our clients. 


Leverage Our World-Wide Presence 

Since 2004 Radha Software Solutions has been doing business in the US. The US office oversees our staff spread across our facilities in Europe while managing domestic embedded development projects. Our widespread presence offers a straightforward communication procedure and accessibility in urgent situations.

Services for Embedded Development from Us 


• Adaptation and porting of board support packages, bootloaders, and kernels. 


• Databases, including those with a small footprint. 


• Migration across architectures, for as from RTOS to an embedded Linux environment. 


• Android's porting to new systems and architectures. 


• Module, integration, system, and acceptance testing for every stage of software development. 


• The creation of mobile applications for iOS and Android that operate remote devices. 


• The creation of device drivers.

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