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RADSOFTSOL is a curated marketplace for B2B outsourcing, with a focus on helping our clients deliver Tech of the Future.

As we build out our world-class vendor & talent ecosystem globally, the following are critical to us:
(1) we have high confidence each candidate who passes our assessment process; when we endorse a candidate for a project, our clients trust us
(2) we assess each candidate in <= 5 working days, end-to-end
(3) we simultaneously assess a very high number of candidates (vetting at scale)
(4) passed candidates immediately get endorsed numerous applicable projects (many-to-many matching)

As a first step of our onboarding process, we hence ask each candidate to provide background information to help us match you to the right projects. Please also have a look at our job description to help ensure it is a good fit, and it is something which ultimately excites you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your friendly account manager immediately; we're here to help you.

Note 1: this onboarding form typically takes less than 10 mins to complete.

Note 2:  we will be collecting the candidate's e-mail address, which we need to uniquely identify each candidate on our platform (we are very happy to sign an NDA if needed)

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