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Migrate and Transform SAP with Azure

How to migrate and transform SAP with Azure

From the initial assessment to the final integration, the Azure ecosystem enables end-to-end support for every step of your migration journey.

Discover your current SAP estate and track your core SAP landscapes and customisations

Define your goals

Determine key stakeholders and align teams around key performance indicators (KPIs)

Assess and plan for your landscape to map to your vision.

Right-size your SAP environment to fit your business needs.

Use reference architectures designed by Microsoft and SAP.

Draft plans for business continuity, migration cutover, testing and organisational readiness.

Optimise landscapes with cloud operational best practices.

Incorporate updates to continuously enhance your environment.

Enjoy Azure services with interoperability across your choice of apps

Integrate your IT environment and help secure access with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) single sign-on.

Drive immediate insights with data visualisation tools.

Invent customer experiences by extending the core platform.

Your business, like many others that rely on SAP data, may be thinking about shifting your largest and most important system to the cloud to alter operations.

Global enterprises have more opportunities for agility, cost savings, risk reductions, and instant insight thanks to cloud services. Numerous businesses that use SAP solutions on-premises are becoming more and more conscious of the need to accelerate process adjustments in response to new data and business demands.

Run the SAP solutions you already use on Azure

Run the SAP solutions you already use on Azure and take advantage of unified support and best practises thanks to the preferred cloud agreement between Microsoft and SAP. Follow a tried and true method to give your SAP applications the intelligence, security, and dependability of Azure.

SAP cloud platform optimised

Azure is a tested cloud platform that offers the performance and size you need as well as a basis for innovation and agility, so replace out-of-date systems with it.

Superior Compliance, Security, and Business Continuity

Take advantage of the 3,500 cybersecurity experts and the largest compliance portfolio on the market for your SAP solutions, both cloud-based and on-premises.

Quick insights and flexibility

To create innovative customer experiences, use 100 Azure services, SAP Cloud Platform, intelligent analytics, Microsoft Teams, Power Apps, and Power BI integration.

An Alliance you can rely on

Microsoft and SAP have unveiled Embrace, a preferred cloud alliance that may streamline and hasten your transition to the cloud, following years of collaboration.

Calculating Savings

According to a Forrester analysis, migrating an organization's old SAP infrastructure to Azure can result in a three-year 102 percent ROI, $15.9M in benefits over three years, and a nine-month payback on the investment.

Cloud platform optimized for SAP

Build on Azure, a tested cloud platform that is certified to run your mission-critical SAP applications with the performance, size, and dependability your organisation depends on, to replace out-of-date systems. Gain flexibility and efficiency right away, and support future innovation.

Azure infrastructure options for agility

SAP Requirement

Azure options

High performance compute

Ø Choose from SAP-certified VMs and purpose-built bare-metal instances. Ø Support changing needs for SAP HANA with up to 24 TB of RAM scale-up and up to 60 TB of RAM scale-out. Ø Run SAP NetWeaver applications with other SAP-certified databases with TB-scale data volume.

High performance storage

Ø Gain speed with top-performers Premium SSD and Azure Ultra Disk Storage. Ø Run complex SAP HANA scale-out configurations with standby nodes powered by Azure NetApp Files technology.

Enterprise grade connectivity

Ø Ensure connection across locations using MPLS and IP VPN options with a premium global network. Ø Avoid the internet and connect directly into the Azure network with Express Route options for up to 100 Gbps of bandwidth.

Management and governance

Ø Manage smarter using Azure policies and blueprints for compliance standards and built-in cost management tools. Ø Benefit from a comprehensive DevOps framework for SAP, including Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions (preview), Azure SAP Automation, and Azure Backup for SAP HANA. Ø • Deploy SAP on Azure IaaS with help from the SAP on Azure Architecture Center, and start the journey for migrating SAP to Azure.

Unmatched security, compliance, and business continuity

Obtain new skills to safeguard corporate operations. With an unmatched multi-layer cloud security and compliance foundation for SAP and associated solutions spanning both cloud and on-premises, Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel, you can trust your apps and data to the cloud.

The best security available to safeguard your most private and important business data is supported by an annual investment of $1 billion by Microsoft. Advanced Threat Protection and single sign-on (SSO) with multi-factor authentication enabled with Azure Active Directory are two layers of protection.

largest portfolio of compliance. Microsoft Azure satisfies important data protection laws including GDPR and HIPAA and provides the broadest compliance portfolio of any cloud platform.

Your SAP landscape will be made simpler with built-in backup and recovery.


Companies can empower workers, comprehend clients better, and avoid supply chain disruptions with the aid of new insight. Simple integration of SAP data into Azure Synapse allows for real-time monitoring and mapping of supply chains as well as sharing of those insights via a built-in connection to Power BI. Learn everything there is to know about the market, and then apply AI and machine learning to forecast inventory demands and modify supply chain procedures.


Discover insights that inspire new customer experiences by integrating SAP data with unstructured data from across the enterprise, utilising more than 100 Azure services and SAP connectors, accessing SAP Cloud Platform, using intelligent analytics, and integrating with Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Apps, and Power BI.

Feed your organization’s appetite for business intelligence

Use SAP and Microsoft business intelligence tools to create a comprehensive real-time dashboard view of operations.


Make confident movements. For many years, customers have trusted Microsoft and SAP with their most important business systems, and we are aware of the particular difficulties in converting production systems.

Each company operates the solutions of the other. Microsoft is the only cloud provider that has used SAP, including SAP S/4HANA, for its own finance, HR, and supply chains for more than 20 years. A growing number of SAP's internal system landscapes, including those built on SAP S/4HANA, have also selected Azure to run.

The SAP-Microsoft Embrace initiative facilitates the rapid migration of SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA solutions from on-premises to Azure by removing uncertainty.

A framework of combined value, shared experience, and customer dedication benefits joint customers. It's understandable why SAP customers continue to favour Microsoft Azure in every sector.

1) Keep your motion simple. Industry market packages provide consumers in targeted industries with a path to the cloud that is streamlined by a single reference design.

2) To make problem-solving simpler, obtain collaborative cooperation, including unified technical support. The unified support model for SAP Cloud Platform and Azure will make migration easier and communication better.

3) Profit from market trips created in collaboration. Roadmaps to the intelligent enterprise offer a unified approach by industry for products, services, and practises across Microsoft, SAP, and system integrators. They also contain recommended solutions and reference architectures for customers.

4) Utilise a global network of system integrators and strategic Service Partner.

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