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Marketing Strategy that keeps Your customers coming back

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Marketing Strategy that keeps Your customers coming back

It’s a competitive world out there, and with more and more people vying for consumers’ attention, it can be hard to do market your business. But savvy marketing professionals know that the key to success is in customer retention. It’s much easier to find a new customer than it is to try and win over someone who has already purchased from you once before.

What does this mean for you as a business owner? Well, it means that it is your job to ensure that your customers continuously return to purchase again. In order to do this, it is important to create a strategy that keeps them coming back. The key elements of a winning strategy are the same regardless of industry – they are nitty-gritty details that can really make or break the success of your marketing efforts.

The process you take in order to retain customers is called customer relationship management (CRM). CRM includes all the activities that move your customer from initial contact to repeat purchase. It also includes keeping them coming back for your products, and not those of your competitors.

In order to ensure that you are not just keeping, but also attracting customers, you need to be able to create deals and offers that will encourage them to return. Incentives and discounts can help, but even more effective is word of mouth. Once a customer is converted, word of mouth can help them to share your business with others, eventually leading to increased sales. The businesses that do this well can generate double or even quadruple the number of new customers from repeat customers.

It is important to understand that customers are always in a different frame of mind during their initial visit and when they return. Different strategies need to be applied depending on the customer's mood or mental state.

Marketing strategy involves understanding what the customer is feeling at any given time, because there is a big difference between customers who just landed on your site for the first time and those who have been visiting for some time. It is also important to make sure your message resonates with them in both cases.

A good marketing strategy is the key to keeping customers coming back and staying loyal. Customers are always looking for ways to identify with a brand, they want something that they can relate to as well as something that is relevant to them.

The first order of business is knowing your customer's needs. Understanding what makes your customer tick and their pain points will give you a leg up when it comes to understanding what type of marketing strategies you need for the long haul.

You should always remember that marketing has no rules, so it's important to be open minded about new ideas about how you can get more customers.

According to a study, there is a correlation between customer satisfaction and the number of visits:

  • Most clients visit 18 times before converting to becoming regular customers.

  • The majority of customers will visit 8 times before making their decision about purchasing your product or service.

  • Customers who visit on average 6 times will make up less than 7% of your total clients.

  • It takes 4 visits for customers to make up 50% of your business.

  • It takes 2 visits for customers to make up 80% of your business.

This data shows that you need to be strategic with content management in order to maintain customer loyalty and increase visitor’s conversion rates. With strategy, you can test which content works best for specific audiences and adjust them as needed based on their

A strategy that keeps customers coming back involves analysing the customer feedback and understanding the needs of your customers. You can then use this information to improve your marketing tactics and develop a more personalized marketing campaign.

The company should also be strategic with its content management as it has a considerable impact on the branding, user experience, and sales of the company.

Improve conversions and loyalty by delivering personalized experiences at scale with B2C Marketing. Learn how to create meaningful, consistent customer journeys across all channels using real-time data.

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Marketing has the tools you need to:

01) Improve campaign management

Produce stellar personalized campaigns that increase engagement and get better results with the help of analytics. Scale without sacrificing customer preferences.

02) Increase customer loyalty

Loyalty and Engagement helps you keep customers coming back with attractive loyalty programs that reward members for spending and connecting with your brand.

03) Test and optimise

Create optimized customer journeys with Maximiser. Make better, data-driven decisions that improve experiences on websites and mobile apps.

04) Be strategic with content management

Level up your content strategy with relevant experiences that keep customers’ attention. It’s content at scale using the power of AI with Oracle Content Management.

05) Unify customer data

Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform simplifies all your online, offline, and third-party data sources with a dynamic and connected customer profile.

06) Make behavioural intelligence actionable

Optimize customer journeys with Behavioural Intelligence. Import behavioural data, apply intelligence, and dynamically offer personalized, recommended experiences.

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