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Latest technology in software development industry!

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The pandemic does have a bad effect on almost every sector but software development industry had a significant transformation in 2020, and it's going to only get better in 2021.

But every coin has two sides.

The pandemic does have a bad effect on almost every sector but software development industry had a significant transformation in 2020, and it's going to only get better in 2021.

Everything is getting digital and we use mobile phones and laptops more than pen and paper and that’s enough to prove that how much a smooth functioning software is important to make our life hassle free. And our fast working and continuously developing world need fast and developed technologies, otherwise we’re going to collapse.

Software industry is continuously making changes to give us better apps and smooth performance than before. So in this continuously changing industry,

here are 5 latest technologies in software development industry which is going to rise in 2021

Centralized infrastructure

During COVID-19, almost every industry faced a downfall and suffered heavily. But cloud is a industry which get stronger than ever because of the pandemic. COVID-19 cleared all the doubt and uncertainty anyone had about cloud adoption.

Majority of companies are distributing huge share of their revenues for cloud. With this constant need and growth of cloud, the future of this technology seems promising in India.

It doesn’t matter now, from which industry you belong (government, startup, healthcare, banking), plan to introduce cloud to your business as the whole world is going to move toward cloud sooner than later. It’s going to have high demand and shortage of supply in upcoming year for cloud native engineers, so it’s better to start preparing now.

Computing quantum

Quantum computing has a potential of becoming the most revolutionary technology in upcoming years. Just like digital computer, it’s going to have an impact on every sector.

There were some amazing advancements and breakthrough in quantum computing in 2020. Many government sector and tech Giants are exploring and started to even invest in quantum computing. Google and IBM are two major names in this field right now.

Considering the infinite possibilities quantum computing hold and the interest companies are showing right now, there will be some super amazing discoveries in computer quantum in upcoming years.

Data platform

Modern data architecture is quite complex for the people like us who have very limited knowledge about all of this. It includes ETL pipeline, data warehouse, data sources, data analytics tools, and many more components.

Snowflake has completely changed the game of modern data architecture by providing centralized data source. In traditional architecture, the data used to move in different stages, but there is only one source of “truth of data” in snowflakes and that makes everything very easy for the developers.

It isn’t going to be perfect for all the cases. But, for many it will going to empower and democratize the data platform and data warehouse. It will going to be proven as a great help and game changer for many companies in the coming year.

Programming (mainstream) :-Python an JavaScript will lead the market

Most of the programming language structure is going through massive change including these two. The old traditional over-the-top programming language are losing their charm in the market and the simple developer friendly programming languages are taking their place.

As we can see that the software development industry is rising and have a huge percentage of new developers who are interested in joining this industry, the simpler, easier and the developer friendly programming language are going to be more popular in the upcoming year.

Modern programming language cannot replace the traditional programming language completely but it is going to give a tough competition to traditional programming.

App development:-Native app will continue to dominate

Smartphones are now an inseparable part of our daily lives. Already there are 3.5 billion users are using smart phone all over the world and this is only going to increase in the upcoming years.

As a result of this continuous use of smartphone, mobile apps are becoming more and more important for end users, specially for the youngsters.

In mobile app development, there are few trends which are important such as hybrid app development, cloud based app development, native app development, cross platform app development.

Native app development gives the best performance and user experience with the highest flexibility. But it is not that inexpensive, so very few enterprises invest so much that they can keep two separate team to handle this app development program.

Cross platform app development is getting popular as iOS an Android app uses almost same kind of code and it is low in cost too. But the drawback is it’s not that flexible and gives less smooth performance in compare to the native app.

Cloud based apps are getting popular recently because of few client who uses cloud to connect and fetch data. But still it is not the most popular for normal app development.

So these are the few latest in-demand Software's which are going to have a massive impact on the software development industry in 2021 an even in upcoming years.

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