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In order to find the answer of this question, firstly it is important to know about what actually Marketing Automation platforms is? And what are its types?

Then after we can decide which one is best among all and how should we choose?

So, Firstly talking about what is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation is a platform that helps you to reduce your marketing efforts dramatically. They are designed for marketing departments and organizations to automate repetitive tasks.


EMAIL MARKETING- Email marketing can be defined as the act of sending a commercial message using email generally to a large number of people. It offers or allows you to-

Use customizable templates in order to create your emails in unique style.

Create and include embed forms to gather information.

Send emails automatically after a desired action took by an user.

View and analyze the results after every sent mail.

LEAD NURTURING- By using lead nurturing software user can lead to improve efficiency by allowing you to-

Keep track of all your contacts.

Ascertain or analyze demographic and behavioral information for more effective lead scoring.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING- Currently Social media is one of the most effective and efficient way of reaching your target audience. In order to get the most amount of benefit from this tool, consider using marketing automation tool for the following below reasons-

Publish posts.

To keep check over your competitors efforts.

Collect information from a number of networks.

Helps you to interact with your potential audience.

ANALYTICS- It’s very obvious and no need to explain the significance of numbers in marketing. Automation tools broaden your approach and allow you to know the depth of analytics and reporting by:

Extracting analytic data from your website and connecting with your campaigns.

Collecting data from all marketing source and channels under one roof.

Creating intuitive dashboards and informative reports.

SEO AND PAID TRAFFIC- People usually get to know about your website generally either from Google or other search engines. You used to pay for their clicks in order to attract them with relevant content with respect to related search content-

Keep a look at your competitor’s SEO & PPC efforts and also analyze the results.

Perform always keyword related research.

Track your link building efficiency.

Compare it with your competitor.

Track your ranking in SERP.


There are generally two groups of marketing automation software:

The first one focuses on a specific task like SEO, data visualization; while second brings Provides Broad marketing automation of functionality under one roof and is a complex hub for all relevant and marketing related activities.

HUBSPOT- A multipurpose automation software product for small and midsize scale business.

MAILCHIMP- Delivering personal messages.


It is not compulsory to choose one of the tools necessarily. In the end, after all everything depends on your needs and requirements, expectations & budget. But before selecting any of the above you have to pay attention to these important rules-

Only pay for what you’re actually going to use. Most of the software providers offer bundles that used seem attractive at first. But after getting a closer look may reveal that the plan you considered includes features that you won’t ever need. Always try to investigate alternatives and pay for the right one only.

Consider your future plans. This is one of the most important point of course its very obvious when choosing marketing automation provider, you shouldn’t be choosing a lifetime partnership. So, think twice before choosing according to your company’s needs and requirements and its future plans.

Read the documentation carefully before starting free trial or before making long term commitments in the form of yearly subscription. Make sure that you go through tutorials and other supporting documentation process before starting your trial.

Last but not least, consider the software customization software capabilities.

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