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Point off sale (POS) is the place where selling and vending are assemble. POS is the spot where products are made to sale. On voluminous extent, POS considered to be a vanishing mall, a marketplace or a city. On minuscule extend a retailer well considered as POS to b zone where customer absolutely round-off transaction may be through check out counter. Also well known as point of purchase.

The point of sale is considered to as a service of point because it is not just a platform for sale the products but also ozone considered to be return point. POS the ultimate software also involve features with extra functionality such as CRM, financial management and inventory management. This makes the management of particular data conveniently up to date.

Day by day small or big businesses adapting POS system and the basic reason for the adoption is POS system does with need for price tags. Adding more advantages of POS.., this source is the ability of implementation discounts of various types moreover it also shows a customer loyalty program and good stock.

POS system allowing customers to make transaction by facilitate with purchase and pay sales tax. POS system Germany replacing traditional cash registers because of their good convenience and the best advantages.

The barcode is simply scan by employees which make little bit is in changing prices and discount petition.


Categorisation of POS system

Put in service by

POS Apps

"Small business with budgets

limitations and with deficiency in


Mobile POS System

"Vendors aur retailers prefering

transaction on

sales floor."

Touch screen POS system

"Buisness in need to speed

up with orders

check out procedure."

Cloud POS system

"Business which are referring to


the reports

and POS data from anywhere."

Open POS system

"The industry with good technology

resources to build and manage

the customs."


Mobile POS or mPOS is best source for the retail below for restaurants that i need for more fully fledged to system than any other application and also wanting the the flexibility to transaction procedure from anywhere.

The zone is good explication for dealers for merchants whose needs lies in both online and in person transaction (offline).

The basic advantage of mobile POS is that this platform access business data from everywhere with the allotment of cloud based storage system. Moreover it is easier to dipole new hardware with good and essential functions than with a traditional POS. Along with these advantages the mobile POS is requiring little bit more investment than a standard POS. Some mobile POS software only functiono in iOS system rather than Android.

The mobile POS is quite good for the retailers and for restaurants business for betterment of the transaction procedure which is quite convenient for both dealers as well as customers.

The mPOS is best for:-

· Food Cart

· Retailers selling the products online or offline

· Restaurants who are in need to provide the good services and orders by dine-in or buy house-hand service

· Temporary markets and vendors or retailers

The mPOS are quite helpful to taking respective business in next doorsteps.


1. Square

2. Lightspeed

3. Toast

4. Clover

5. Vend

6. Shopify

• Square : foremost for any business

This system is free mPOS for all kinds of smartphones and tablets as well. Moreover it is quite simple in rate processing and also used as it having multiple hardware options. But not for high business and expensive for high business.

• Lightspeed : premier for upto minute retail needs

This platform is upto date POS and always slog on iPad or on desktop. Moreover this also having good reporting and indestructible eCommerce quality. But this is quite expensive with advanced features.

• Toast : good for Restaurants

This is contactless ordering and payments procedure which having point of sales devices. Moreover, this is grid Android POS hardware. Best is quite friendly during covid period because of its quite friendly digital ordering and payments procedure.

• Clover : best for counter service

This is good for quick service and small retail businesses. This platform supports big volume restaurants, solution many e-commerce zones. Clover is quite closest to square if one want a mobile reader.

• Vend : Good and foremost for basic retail needs

The zone provide limited free plants and also customer loyalty programs. But not helpful in eCommerce and inhouse payment procedure. This will help you only when if you have a small or casual business that include only few things to sell.

• Shopify : Finest for occasional Mobile sellers

This is small size POS for taking payments on phone. Shopify start journey as eCommerce software provider but now this is on the level of All-in-One provider service. This is versatile platform that one can use this in laptops and in phone also.


In today's scenario POS place quite important role in the business world whether it is small business or big volume business. This source makes payment quite easier for vendors or retailers and for customers also with proper payments details, taxes applicability and full bill proof.

The POS is the zone which also gives the loyalty to customer. Along with this the POS also provide data management, inventory management and eCommerce sources.

In developing country like India this is the best zone for the development of the business world.

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