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Best ERP Software Solution for Small Business

Best ERP software solution for small business

It’s always an ongoing battle when you’re competing against big businesses. Big budgets and advanced business tools allow large corporations to make their operations efficient and provide high-quality products at a very reasonable price.

Luckily, ERP software solution gives small operations the tools they need to stay competitive with the massive guys. Complex software solutions like enterprise resource planning solutions are being adopted by a growing number of small businesses that need a centralized system for tracking numerous activities that take place in their day-to-day operations.

The important task is to standing out from the gang of similar-sized businesses that are all competing for the same customers. With Enterprise resource planning (ERP software solution), smaller companies can aim that they're going to even rival large corporations in terms of their operation’s efficiency.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

Software could also be a critical business solution that collects information from various departments during a centralized database, enabling leaders to observe business operations from one source of truth. It untangles the most confusing business functions like finance, inventory, manufacturing, management, procurement, customer relationships, sales and marketing, project management and human resources.

Reporting and analytics is another two major feature of ERP software solution that allows organizations to focus on data and allow it to make data-driven decisions. These solutions allow us to look into company-wide business operations and point out inefficient processes while highlighting growth opportunities. It also support various deployment models, including on-premises, cloud and hybrid strategies.

While cloud-based ERP software solution has gained popularity in recent years, your deployment strategy should depend on your business’s requirements. ERP software solution leverages different modules that address specific business functions. for instance, a product-based company may like better to choose accounting and order management, inventory management and CRM modules, and on the other hand a service-based organization may have project management, accounting, marketing automation and CRM modules.

Each of these modules find information from and give it to the central data repository, the primary component of ERP software solution. The central data repository allows to deeply look into different departments within the organization. Repositories let stakeholders compare and evaluate the performance of varied business areas and understand the impact of selections on these areas.

Benefits for small Business fromERP software solution

Apart from providing complete visibility into business operations, ERPfor small businesses can improve your business operations in some ways . they permit you to expand your business without adding IT or staffing costs, provide a competitive advantage to your business, increase productivity and reduce costs.

ERP software solution for small business can be proven beneficial within the subsequent ways:


In an ever-changing business environment, it’s know thecoming change as soon as possible. It’s imperative to require an edge in ERP software solution that’s flexible, modular and scalable enough to embrace changing market dynamics and evolving customer needs. They also give businesses the flexibility to implement specific modules and add on others as they grow.


They also function excellent business intelligence tools. With the amount of knowledge available in a central database, you'll create reports and dashboards that include everything from income and expense statements to custom KPIs that provide useful business insights. ERP software solution for small businesses helps make data-driven decisions to manage risks and increase profits.

Improve Business Productivity:

ERP software solution for small businesses automates tedious tasks like manual data entry, timesheet tracking, order processing, monitoring inventory levels and generating reports. It also performs advanced calculations within minutes, which provides free time to staff members, so that they can perform more useful and thoughtful tasks.

Best ERP software solution for small Business

Small and medium-sized businesses should invest in an ERP system which can keep costs down and reduce the need for employee training. However, it should be straightforward to implement and have the facility to scale because the business grows.

The reason small businesses should choose cloud-based ERP software solution:

They’re cost-effective, easy-to-implement, flexible, scalable and need limited technical resources compared to the on premise and hybrid deployment models.

Here is that the list of some of the best cloud-based ERP software solution for small business:

Business By Design SAP

Business By Design could also be a cloud-based ERP software solution which will work for small and medium-sized enterprises. It serves most requirements of a business and offers various capabilities, including financial, customer relationship, project, supply chain, human resources and compliance management.

It integrates with Office 365, Concur, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Success Factors to perform advanced functions while offering APIs to make custom integrations. It provides globalization and translation toolkits which can help with tax requirements, languages, time zones and currencies of over 100+ countries.

It secure company-wide data with the help of AES-256 encryption, global auditing, multi-tenancy, single sign-on authentication, activity monitoring and SOC 2 compliance. SAP Business intentionally provides features like financial management, customer relationship management, human resource management, project management, procurement management and much more.

However, this solution doesn’t have a user-friendly output and it requires Excel to give output data. the assembly feature under the SCM module doesn’t provide item-wise cost.

Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica’s Cloud ERP software solution offers features like inventory management, financial management, a technology platform, manufacturing, order management, construction, services, e-commerce support and more.

This system helps users to create customized reports, which allow them to make better, faster and more intelligent decisions. It also allows users to modify reports to satisfy the knowledge needs of all organizational roles so as that sensitive information is simply shared with necessary individuals. Users can migrate old accounts payable and receivable data from a legacy system to the solution , including open balances, original amounts and dates without affecting the general ledger.

Users can take benefits of business intelligence capabilities to spot trends, identify inefficiencies and make informed decisions. It can also collect data from multiple sources, extracting informative insights for strategic decision-making and creating interactive reports to present them to the stakeholders.

But the drawback is that this solution doesn’t provide a free trial and doesn’t have an action tab on the print screen to save data.

Biz Automation

Biz Automation could also be a cloud-based ERP software solution that provides Associate in Nursing integrated suite of code applications that has CRM, financials, e-commerce, distribution, order management, project accounting and inventory management.

It caters to multiple industries like wholesale, retail, e-commerce, services, distribution and producing. Biz Automation supports demand statement against world offer chains. It recommends inventory purchases, supports filtering by location, item classes and extra. It supports rearrangement BOMs supported semi permanent demand and setting reconstruct points to mechanically produce work orders, save time and increase productivity.

It provides varied options, along side sales order management, multi-channel integration, sales fulfillment and shipping, procurement, warehouse management and extra. It supports automatic generation of email alerts to trigger the function of sending email templet to a replacement lead, follow-up management for leads, email broadcasting, campaign chase and promotion management.

However, Biz Automation doesn’t have a mobile app or an active community forum wherever users can ask questions.

Sage 100 Cloud

Sage 100 Cloud supports businesses in varied industries like producing, services, wholesale distribution, construction, chemicals, food and beverages. Sage HRMS add-on resolution to Sage 100 Cloud that helps users address time unit management challenges. It offers integrated payroll, worker edges, recruiting, worker self-service and advanced analytics capabilities.

Sage Inventory consultant, another add-on, lets businesses check inventory health, monitor inventory levels, set alerts to require acceptable action, generate correct forecasts Associate in counseling an optimum investment to grasp target fill rates. It offers varied capabilities like monetary management, inventory and warehouse management, getting and merchant management, sales, client promoting and far additional.

It provides access to period of your time data on the supply of specific inventory units, item valuation, amount valuation, client information, credit limits and MasterCard deposits.

But this solution doesn’t supply the opposite language support except English, and also the mobile application isn’t presently on the market.

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite ERP software solution is additionally a cloud-based resolution that caters to tiny, medium and enormous scale businesses across industries like advertising, consulting, education, energy, monetary services, FMCG, producing, retail, technology and extra. It offers inbuilt business intelligence that permits users to mix information with visual analytics to induce unjust insights.

The demand designing module permits calculation and prediction supported historical demand, open opportunities and sales forecasts. It generates forecasts mistreatment moving averages, linear regression or seasonal-average calculations. Its production management capabilities offer period of your time visibility into production processes throughout order process, routing and planning, order fulfillment and merchandise accountancy.

The order and asking management module integrates sales, finance and fulfillment groups. It offers an omnichannel pricing system which ensure real-time pricing updates to customers across all channels.

However, NetSuite doesn’t supply a free trial and doesn’t support XLSX files.

So with the said, we can see from all the information we have collected that small businesses should implement ERP solution systems before selecting a permanent solution. Make sure that the solution meets all business requirements and is flexible enough for the changes that will happen in future with the growth of your business.

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