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10 App Categories that will shape in Post COVID World.

We all have witnessed the pandemic of Covid-19 and we all are familiar about its impact. And still we don’t know that for how long these impacts of Covid-19 will be here. And this is the main reason why many businesses are preparing themselves for the new normal period. Although the industries like hospitality, retail, and travel need their time to become normal, but on the other hand there are few sectors which are remotely working from work from home solutions. And in this present situation, all relevant types of mobile apps have become highly essential.

As we look at the present scenario, mobile apps are not just becoming profitable and famous but also making a huge difference in people’s daily life in order to maintain social distancing and stay safe during this outbreak. So, let’s go through with some productive and effective apps that will help you to accomplish business in a post COVID world too.

10 App Categories that will shape in Post COVID World.

1. Health Care Apps:

Healthcare apps have proven a major lifeline in this sensitive and harsh time of Covid when everyone is just concerned about their health. Since we are advised to maintain social distancing and hence there is no physical movement from lot of days, healthcare apps like fitness apps, meditation apps, medical care apps, and mental health app are guiding people in keeping their body healthy both physically and mentally. Online fitness programs are used to guide or instruct about how to do basic yoga or meditation for keeping ourselves fit even while staying and sitting in our homes.

They also used to guide about the necessity of a balanced diet, and the types and perks of exercise. On the special demand of a patient, doctor’s applications offer instructions on medical sample tests, fast consultation, digital prescriptions, and medicine delivery.

2. Grocery Apps:

Nobody can imagine surviving without groceries. Thus, grocery apps are on the top most important app categories during this pandemic. As we all are concerned about getting infected with the virus of Covid-19, and that’s the main reason that they are not ready to step out of their home in order to buy groceries. And that’s the main reason why grocery apps play a vital role. These apps maintain the flow of demand and feed it most securely.

The most popular grocery applications like H-E-B, Target, Shipt, Instacart and Walmart.

3. FinTech Apps:

Finance is another app category which is getting popular and facing a huge increase in demand. The uncertain environment of the economy along with the failure to visit banks has caused many people to use their mobile apps for handling money. From the basic activities like paying bills, using bank accounts and fund transferring, to things like stock monitoring, trading, investing, and personal finance management, all these have become possible only because of mobile apps. After all, every customer wants to get his or her transaction done by more trustworthy and secure apps.

4. Entertainment Apps:

During this hard time of pandemic Covid-19, Entertainment is one of the most important and as well as common way of people to reduce their boredom. Entertainment apps like, Snapchat, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. have encountered a great surge.

5. E- learning apps:

Lockdown has its most affect on the students. Their studies get affected by this sudden lockdown of Covid-19. But because of e learning apps, they were and are able continue their studies with online resources and apps while staying safe at their homes.

6. Social Media Apps:

Social media apps played a vital role at this harsh time of this pandemic (where everyone is suppose to maintain social distancing), by helping everybody to stay connected and regarding getting any latest updates to their loved ones as well as happenings globally. Due to social distancing and lockdown, social media apps like Tumblr, Facebook, Tiktok, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc have faced a great increase in their active user base.

7. Food Delivery Apps:

Many cafes and restaurants have struggled to take orders so they could operate at least by closing their doors during the lockdown. But because of food delivery apps it becomes much easier for them to supply the food as well as for customers to order the food without stepping out. During this pandemic, the food delivery app industries have seen a huge increase in their active customers.

8. Dating Apps:

Dating apps have faced a great surge during this lockdown period globally. There has increased number of download of apps like Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder.

9. DIY and Home Improvement Apps:

Since in the lockdown, people are spending more time at home, the market for renovation supplies, home improvement and DIY has emerged. Thereby, mobile apps helped the people a lot to produce and utilize their home improvement ideas and help them to discover and buy the stuff that they needed without stepping out of their homes.

10. Edtech or Online apps:

Last year, because of this pandemic many students globally were not able to visit their school classrooms even in this year also. So from 2020 to 2021, we have seen a great shift to digitalization education.

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